Up on the Chimney Top…..

Mary Poppins at Murry’s Dinner Theater on July 27th was fabulous! Our favorite male actor Michael Klucher was Burt and he was, as usual, phenomenal!!. We cannot say enough about the actors in this production. From Jane to Mary they were top notch.

Winds in the east, there’s a mist coming in like somethin’ is brewing and bout’ to begin…. Until the next show.

Shear Madness at Murry’s Diner Theater.

A different type of Murry’s experience this time. Threegirlstravel enjoyed a “whodunit” which involved the audience’s participation. We got to help solve the murder mystery. It was a fun night and as always good food. It was a murder set in Little Rock, Arkansas with prominent Arkansas citizens and locations being at the center of the drama.

Can’t wait for our next Murry’s adventure!

Sisters go to “Sister Act”

Saturday night Threegirlstravel and Three Girls Daughters enjoyed an evening of dining and live theater at Murry’s Dinner Playhouse to see “Sister Act.” It was a fun show with lots music, laughs and good food. It’s always fun to get out together but especially fun this night because our travel partner Lee has been out of commission for a while, and then had surgery. But she’s back…..

We enjoyed our time with our girls as well.

Lee and Maggie
Deb and Morgan

Cathy and Elizabeth

Murry’s Dinner Theater ….The Foreigner

We never fail to be entertained by Murry’s. (www.murrysdp.com)  The play for the night was “The Foreigner” and it was hilarious. One of our favorite actresses, Candyce Hinkle, was in this show which made it even more enjoyable and funny.   She is a delight and may be the only person we might allow in our Three Girls Travel.



Murry’s is located in Little Rock and for $37.00 you get dinner and a show.  We don’t miss many shows.  We look forward to our next show which is Elf and we are taking Three Girls Daughters with us for that one.